Do you enjoy working on the computer?  Do you enjoy watching films, animated films, or animated television programs?  Are you artistic?  If so, you may want to read about Edinboro University’s Cinema program, with tracks in traditional and computer animation.

Very often, prospective students and their parents had no idea such program existed in the Northeast.  They were often under the false impression a student had to go to New York or LA to have any chance of studying cinema and/or animation.  However, students and parents were pleasantly surprised by the curriculum, resources, and opportunities presented to students graduating from Edinboro’s animation programs. Some of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Major of Applied Media Arts courses include the following:

  • Dimensional design (I, II, & III)
  • Animation (beginning, intermediate, and advanced)
  • Film and Video Production (I, intermediate, and advanced)
  • Other courses include Documentary Film, Experimental Film, Computer Animation I & II

Edinboro’s Cinema faculty has great experience in the film industry; they are keenly aware of the knowledge and skills a student must possess upon graduation to be competitive in the industry. They are also aware of the technology students must have experience using, and push to obtain such technology for their labs. Some of their successful graduates have worked on such films as:

  • Ice Age
  • Bolt
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe

The beauty of this unique program is that it is affordable and it is located in area that does not have a high cost of living.  For parents and students, the affordability of this program and the successful outcomes produced by the faculty, hands-on experiences, and the curriculum are worth a look!